Blowed out at Skipper’s

“Get To Know Mine” and “Watchin’ The Orioles”
We managed to catch our Blowout set at Skipper’s from a few different angles. I captured the audio from a field recorder set on top of a dart machine across the room, and positioned my camera in the back corner of the stage on a guitar stand. But the vibrations from the music made the camera continually rotate in a circle, so we end up seeing an increasing amount of wall space. We did get some great footage of Looney killing it, and the audio turned out pretty sweet.

“Lucky To Be Alone (Again)” in Looneyvision.

Here’s our set closer and next single “Brave Iranians” plus a few minutes of post-showness. Thanks so much to everyone who watched us, and thanks to Skipper’s, the Metro Times and Hamtramck for Blowout 2012!!

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